Sony Repair from £24,12 month warranty & 48 hr turnaround

If you are facing any problem with your Sony gadget don’t worry Sony Repair Centre will help you! Sony repair centre in UK is offering a quality repair and replacement service for various Sony devices at very reasonable prices in UK. An affordable and fast courier service is provided for UK-wide repair orders. We have an experienced team of technicians with us at UK service centre to replace all damaged parts by only Grade A quality parts in UK. A 12- month warranty is also provided on them. Postal repair orders from all over the UK are taken. Get a Free Sony repair quotes from us NOW!

Sony Service Centre provide services for shattered screen, water damage, battery replacement, speaker problem, Wi-Fi problem, charging issues, volume button not working, power button replacement, etc in UK.

NOTE: It will be appreciated if you submit the Contact Us Form or Free Repair Quote Form present in the UK website before calling to us at 0161 883 2899, So that we could have reference no. generated and detailed repair solution ready – to your queries to save your time and calling charges.


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